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Justin Kramer

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This is an open records request for employee salary information. Please provide us with employee documents that contain their name, their gross salary, and their position title. This information should be for the year 2018 calendar, or fiscal year 2017-2018. Thank you.

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5/23/19 - Provided expected first installment date of 5/31/19 and expected completion date of 8/23/19. - TCM 5/29/19 - Provided finance report with gross salary and old phone lists showing position titles. Working to determine whether HR has a spreadsheet containing all requested information. Will update requestor on May 31, 2019. - TCM 5/30/19 - Requested response from requestor as to whether they would like the HR-version of the spreadsheet despite it being outdated. Requested response by July 1, 2019 or would assume request had been satisfied. - TCM 7/2/19 - Response not received by requestor by July 1 so closed request. - TCM