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Re: Public Works/Current Projects: Pavement Management/Overlay Program - Ongoing Maintenance Projects webpage only has MAP for asphalt patching/road overlays for 2016. Please provide me (and also then upload to that website) the MAP for road overlays for 2017, 2018, (and when ready for 2019--which is on City Council Consent Agenda for 5/21/2019). Suggest City Staff use the 2016 as the "example" for what to post for "past/prior" year projects. The MAP is likely the most useful for the public "eye" to see and have a quick look. Starting in 2016 is fine. (Other longer-term suggestion is to provide summary of costs/year and/or by project area with totals too.)

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5/28/19 - Sent responsive records via email and closed request. - TCM