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Peter Super

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I am requesting copies of any topographic, boundary, and tree surveys as well as wetland, stream, or lake critical area studies on file for recent Pine Lake Park master planning or improvement projects (Phase 1, Phase 2, tree removal, shoreline restoration, new picnic shelters - Barker Landscape Architects/Environmental Works). Project numbers include, but may not be limited to: PLN2007-00071, BLD2008-00063 through BLD2008-00065 BLD2008-00551 BLD2008-00859 BLD2008-00879 TR2016-03183 UNHTR2018-05887 UNHTR2018-05885

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6/27/19-Sent via Hightail first installment. Expected completion date 8/1/19.Ak 7/19/19: Emailed copies of scanned files as requested. LH