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Rory Haller

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Case #C19023256, Date of Collision: 06/18/2019. Our Client Ram Mani, DOB: 08/02/1971 We are requesting the following: 1. Full incident report and all follow-up reports (including analytical reports) 2. Audio recording(s) of all 9-1-1 calls 3. CAD report and history 4. All witness statements 5. All photographs 6. All diagrams 7. All video recordings (including DASH cam video and Body Cam Video) 8. All scene measurements (including vehicle weight and measure reports) 9. All vehicle data downloaded from any event data recorder (EDR) 10. Any other written information or tangible materials that relate to this incident 11. Any and all other materials not specifically listed herein, but which may relate in any way to the incident on the date stated above.

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6/26/19 - Referred to KCSO. - TCM