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Mark Levin

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Looking conditions associated with recent permit approvals (subdivision and construction) for the following parcels: 0324069044 and 0324069037. I'm also trying to find subdivision records which explain how all the parcels in this block were created. List of all parcels: 0324069031, 0324069032, 0324069035, 0324069033,0324069036, 0324069034, 0324069040, 0324069041, 0324069059, 0324069053, 0324069047, 0324069037, 0324069054, 0324069044. Thank you!

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7/3/19- Sent first installment via Hightail. Second installment date is 8/9/19.AK 8/5/19- Called Mr. Levin seeking clarification, referred him to King County records. AK