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Paul Mineau

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I would like the spreadsheets that were used to generate the budget reports here - I need this data in csv or excel format, is that possible?

CLARIFICATION: We are seeking any spreadsheets which may have been used in the creation of the budget documents shown on the website.

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7/22/19 - Requested clarification. If not response by 8/21/19, will assume that the request is for all budget documents shown in PDF format on the website (2013 – present), but in spreadsheet format instead. Expected completion date assuming no response + 2 weeks processing time is 9/6/19. - TCM 8/5/19 - Provided installment 1 - 2019-20 files. Installment 2 expected by Sept. 6, 2019. - TCM 8/16/19 - Provided installment 2 via Hightail. Installment 3 expected by Sept. 13, 2019. - TCM 9/18/19 - Provided installment 3 via Hightail and closed request. - TCM