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miki mullor

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all emails of Jason Ritchie on his chamber of commerce account or sent to chamber of commerce members that are related to city business, such as STCA, Town Center, Concurrency or economic development plan since the time he was appointed to the chamber's board of directors.

CLARIFICATION: let's limit the search to include only email addresses for board members and anyone from STCA, Innovation Realty and pacific public affairs. i'm not looking for emails at the city's possession but rather emails CM Ritchie has on his private or chamber email account.

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8/28/19 - Emailed requestor for clarification. If no response by 9/27/19, will assume broadest interpretation of request. Provided expected first installment date of 10/18/19 in this case. Clarification received. Provided first installment date of 9/27/19. - TCM 9/12/19 - Provided responsive records and closed request. - TCM