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Sheri Putzke

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Please provide copies of all attachments, documents and staff notes related to the following file numbers: PRA2017-00078, FEAS2017-00606, FEAS2017-00710, FEAS2017-00727, FEAS2018-00315, FEAS2018-00585, PDS2018-00700 & FEAS2019-00334 Thank you!

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9/26/19: Sent all documents from TRAKIT relating to request via HIGHTAIL. Requested a response by October 26, 2019 if emails were also intended to be included in this request. LH 9/30/19: Ms. Putzke responded that she is interested in emails. I ask for clarification and a date range. LH 10/1/19: Completed the email download and review. Send responsive emails to requestor. LH