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Tom Nanevicz

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Site address: 232 228th Avenue SE, Sammamish, WA 98074 Parcel #'s 342506-9009, 342506-9091, 124110-0020, 124110-0021. 124110-0022 and 124110-0023 Records as follows:

• Permit summary (date, type of permit, applicant/tenant) or available permits from construction to present

• Construction date (current building, previous buildings if applicable)

• Permits of environmental concern (petroleum storage tanks, septic systems, oil/water separators)

• Record of violations or complaints registered against the property

• Record of any Activity Use Limitations (AULs) in connection with the property

• Property zoning and any current zoning violations.

• Records regarding hazardous materials usage/storage/incidents or known environmental concerns/contamination

• Records regarding aboveground or underground storage tank (UST) systems

• Records of fire inspections

Status Detail

11/22/19- Sent via hightail first installment of records. AK 12/6/19- Sent via hightail second installment. Waiting for 30 day clarification. AK 1/6/19- No response received in 30 days for clarification. Closed. AK