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I am looking for city drawings that include the intersection of 228th Avenue NE, and NE 4th Street in Sammamish. We are working on a project located at Parcel 3425069039. The project includes the corner property where an existing Starbucks is located. The intersection is an important location for existing conditions and where the sidewalk meets the property. We are looking to submit for a permit, however, we would like to update our drawings per the most current set back information per recent roadway/sidewalk improvements. Through Sammamish's "Engineering Records Vault" we were able to gather drawings that show the partial intersection at: 228TH AVENUE PHASE 1-C EARTHWORK & UTILITIES (SE 8TH to 4TH), File - "02-1200.pdf", however this drawing cuts of the portion of the drawing showing the crucial intersection. Are there other roadway improvement or civil drawings showing 4th Street as well as the intersection of 4th and 228th south of the "228TH AVENUE PHASE 1-C EARTHWORK & UTILITIES" drawings? Please let me know if there are any drawings available to this location and site encompassing 4th street from East Lake High School entrance to the opposite side of the street on 228th. Please give me a call if there are any questions regarding this request. -Shauna

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12/5/19 - Provided links to plans from engineering records vault and offered paper plan sets for Eastlake High and Starbucks. If no response by 1/6/20, close request. - TCM 1/7/20 - No response re: whether wanting to review paper plans. Closed request. - TCM