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Steve Wu

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Greetings Haim,

I have some questions like to ask you regarding wit Parcel No. 152406-9077, per the agreement with the city,  this parcel is proposed to use the city owned existing detention pond for its future development. You have approved the attached plan, my questions are:

  1. Was this approved plan has accounted for this parcel future development? If this plan has accounted for future development, What was the pond volume proposed to increase from the original design? Do you have any calculation for it?
  2. Can you provide existing pond volume or as built plans if the plan you approved that did not account for this parcel future development?
  3. Can I schedule an meeting with you if I have further questions regarding with this pond design?


Thank you for the help


Steve Wu

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12/3/19- Haim emailed requested documents. AK