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All communications between May 1, 2019 and November 23, 2020, including emails or texts, sent to or from any city council member, including mayor and deputy mayor, or any city employee, including any past or present city manager , interim city manager and staff, referencing The Sammamish Town Center, STCA or any of its representatives, or Department of Community Development File #s: UZDP2019-00562, BSP2019-00564, PSUB2019-00563 or PSUB2019-00561.

4/8/2021- Clarification:  

We’d like to focus the next installment on the period August 1, 2020 to November 23, 2020. And if further focus would help, to be: that subset that are communications including emails regarding the applications UZDP2019-00562, BSP2019-00564, PSUB2019-00563 or PSUB2019-00561, and including internal communications regarding review of the applications, and all drafts of decisions or recommendations regarding those applications.

But if it is just easier to deal with this as those records that have been already collected for August 1, 2020 to November 23, 2020, that would be great.

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12/2/2020- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 2/2/2021. AK 2/1/2021- Next installment due 3/12/2021. AK 3/5/21 - Provided first installment via Hightail. Next installment expected by March 19, 2021. - TCM 3/16/2021- Provided second installment via Hightail. Next installment expected by April 9, 2021 3/19/2021- Sent Installment 3. AK 3/26/2021- Sent via Hightail Installment 4. AK 4/2/2020- Sent 5th installment via Hightail. AK 4/16/2021- Sent via Hightail 6th Installment. AK 4/23/2021- Sent via Hightail 7th Installment. AK 5/7/2021- Sent 8th installment. AK 5/14/2021- Sent via Hightail 9th installment. AK 5/21/2021- Sent 10th installment. AK 6/4/2021- Sent 11th installment. AK 6/11/2021- Sent 12th installment. AK 6/21/2021- Sent 13th installment. AK 6/25/2021- Sent 14th installment. AK 7/2/2021- Sent 15th installment. AK 7/9/2021- Sent 16th installment. AK 7/16/2021- Sent 17th installment. AK 7/26/2021- Sent 18th installment. AK 7/30/2021- Sent 19th installment. AK 8/9/2021- Sent 20th installment. AK 8/13/2021- Sent 21st installment. AK 8/20/2021- Sent 22nd installment . AK 8/30/2021- Sent 23rd installment. AK 9/3/2021- Sent 24th installment. AK 9/10/2021- Sent 25th installment. AK 9/17/2021- Sent 26th installment. AK 9/24/2021- Sent 27th installment. AK 9/30/2021- Sent 28th installment. AK 10/8/2021- Sent 29th installment. AK 10/22/2021- Sent 30th installment. Next due 11/19/2021. AK 11/18/2021- Sent 31st installment. Next due 12/22/2021. AK 12/22/2021- Sent 32nd installment. Next due 1/28/2022. KK 1/28/2022- Sent 33rd installment. Next due 3/10/2022. KK 3/9/2022- Sent 34th installment. Next due 4/13/2022. KK 3/22/2022- Sent 35th installment. Next due 4/13/2022. KK 4/11/2022- Sent 36th installment. Next due 5/25/2022. CS 5/24/2022-Sent 37th installment. Next due 6/10/2022. CS