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Steve Henderson

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Related to 2405 E Lake Sammamish Pl SE, Parcel #0724069095 Correspondence from the month of January 2021 between Paval Khodak and the City of Sammamish, including letter dated January 22 from the city and subsequent response from the property owner. Thank you

CLARIFICATION: "Can you please send me the correspondence from February 1st to now?"

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2/3/2021- Sent via Hightail documents. AK 2/16/21 - Requestor sent email requesting additional records. - TCM 2/19/21 - Email FWDed to me by Amy. Clarification logged and request reopened. Email sent to Requestor with estimated installment date of Feb 26, 2021. - TCM 2/26/21 - Provided responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM