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I request all public records, including correspondence, negotiations, agreements, and legal decisions regarding the pad-locking of the gate, pedestrian access, and property rights regarding the Tract A in the new Irongate Community, Sammamish, WA. My request includes all communications by the builder (Murray-Franklyn aka Brixton Homes), the Irongate HOA, Tibbetts Station HOA, Individual owners of Tibbetts Station, the City of Sammamish, and the Sammamish Water District (Plateau Water). Brief history to assist in the search for documents. The new Irongate community is at Beaver Lake Rd and SE 36th Street. The south portion of this development is a Common space called Tract A. Tract A, including access to the SE 36th Court is owned by Irongate. In early 2020, a padlock was placed on the southeast gate of Tract A. The padlock was later replaced by the Sammamish Water District. I am seeking all documents regarding who locked this gate, why it was locked, on whose authority it was locked, and what is necessary to remove this lock. I also request all documents describing negotiations, agreements, official filings, and legal decisions regarding the locking of this gate. I have also sent a letter requesting the same, via US Mail (sent on 1/29/2021). Thank you. Gary K Stimac PhD, MD

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2/5/2021- Emailed 5 day response. First installment due 2/19/2021-.AK 2/16/21 - Provided an updated next installment date of March 5, 2021. - TCM 3/5/2021- Sent via Hightail responsive records. AK