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I am requesting all approved, including pre-lim, short plat and subdivision property layouts (site plan only), where subject properties are 1-2 acres in Sammamish from 01/01/2020 to present date. I believe this should fall into category 1. I would appreciate if you can email me the information by the end of this week please. Amanda Nguyen

CLARIFICATION: "Can you send me the civil plans for the other two pelim short plats and the three completed short plats as well?"  "I'm asking for only civil plans for the two prelim approval short plats and the three completed short plats."  "Can you send me the full short plat documents (example attached) for all of the short plat properties you sent civil plans --i.e. drainage plan, driveway, landscaping etc."

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2/12/2021- Emailed site plan. AK 2/13/21 - Emailed Amy to request additional records. - TCM 2/19/21 - Amy FWDed request to me. Reopened request and added clarification. Contacted Requestor and provided estimated installment date of Feb 26, 2021. - TCM 2/22/21 - Provided final installment via Hightail and closed request. - TCM 2/23/21 - Requestor submitted additional clarification/revision to request. Reopened request. - TCM 3/1/21 - Sent responsive records to Requestor via Hightail and closed request. - TCM