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Would like copies of the public comments that were removed by the City from its FB page as referenced by the City. According to the City's comments, the posts are archived. Would like copies of all messages that have been removed and archived.

CLARIFICATION: "I included the FB post where the City stipulated that it archived public comments that it removed and requested all messages. It appears from the FB post that the City routinely removes FB posts. I'd like to see the messages that the City has removed."  "Let's limit the scope to 2021."

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2/16/21 - Provided responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM 2/18/21 - Re-opened request after clarification received. Requested additional clarification. If not response by March 20, work to fulfill request in broadest manner and provide monthly installments of records. - TCM 2/22/21 - Sent responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM