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I request all public records, including correspondence, negotiations, agreements, and legal opinions regarding the decision to create a pedestrian path through Tract D of the new Irongate community. The path connects 262nd Avenue SE in Tibbetts Station with the cul-de sac in the Irongate development on SE 36th Street. My request includes communications among the City, and City departments, the builder (Murray-Franklyn--Brixton Homes), the Tibbetts Station HOA, and any individual homeowners of Tibbetts Station and their representatives. I also request any documents reflecting decisions and choices to use Tract D for this connection as opposed to the Tract A pathway. As a brief history, to assist you in your search: The new Irongate community at SE 36th ST and Beaver Lake Rd includes common areas called Tract D and Tract A. During the plat development, it was decided to create a passageway (a pedestrian walkway) between Tibbetts Station and Irongate through the Tract D on the northeast corner of Irongate. The initial placement of this walkway coincided with a storm drain easement in Tract D. Simultaneously, a passage was created through Tract A, on the southern side of Irongate. Although the Tract A passage was wider, safer, and more suitable for traffic, Tract A was locked, forcing all traffic, including people, bicycles, dogs, and children through Tract D. I am trying to determine the best way to manage these two areas, and so, will appreciate any documents that explain these decisions, any legal or procedural restrictions, and the persons or departments who can assist us to correct them. This same request with additional detail was also mailed today (2/16/2021). This present request is in addition to my previous request, focused on Tract A (sent by mail on 1/29/2021 and electronically 3 days later). Thank you. Gary K Stimac, PhD, MD

From letter mailed to City:

information Requested:
To fully understand this process, I request copies of all public records regarding:
1. Why a passage from Tibbetts Station into and/or through the Irongate community (through Tract D) was deemed necessary, and why it was included in the Irongate development plans.
2. What negotiations led to the choice of the Tract D location over the Tract A location for this connection.
3. What people, government agencies, and businesses were involved in the decisions regarding Tract D and Tract A with respect to any common use or right-of-passage. Please include documents and correspondence
from the builder (Murray-Franklyn, Brixton Homes), the Tibbetts Station HOA, and any individuals in Tibbetts Station.
4. Whether this passage is required, or merely optional.
5. Whether such passage is under the control of the Irongate community, or whether the City, or a City department has control over these connections (through Tract A and/or Tract D).
6. All official documents filed in this regard.

CLARIFICATION: "I just noticed that the letterhead at the bottom of my letters contains a typo for our street name.  It is SE 36th Street."

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2/23/21 - Provided 5-day response email with estimated first installment date of March 26, 2021. - TCM 2/25/21 - Received mailed request, the wording of which appears differently than submitted electronically. Requested clarification. If no response received by Mar 28, will log mailed request as a separate request and process to the fullest extent required under the PRA. 3/26/2021- First installment due 5/3/2021. Email sent. AK 5/3/2021- Sent responsive email. AK