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Jose Corona

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Can I please get building permits for : 20518 Ne 33rd Ct, Sammamish, Wa 98074 parcel#: 865161-0010 and for Permit # B98R1676

CLARIFICATION: "IF I can get all of then that would be great,"

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2/25/21 - Email sent to Requestor asking for clarification and providing referral to King County for permit number listed in Request. Provided list of additional permits for property and asked which, if any, are of interest. First installment expected within 1 week of clarification received if providing electronic records or up to 3 weeks for paper records from off-site storage requiring scanning. If no clarification received by March 28, 2021, begin processing request and provide 1st installment of electronic records available by April 2, 2021. - TCM 2/26/21 - Received clarification. Provided expected first installment date of March 5, 2021. - TCM 3/2/21 - Provided first installment of records via Hightail. 2nd and final installment expected by March 12, 2021. - TCM 3/11/2021- Sent final docs via Hightail.AK