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Christine Hanhart

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A City of Sammamish employee came to our home address of 22121 NE 23rd Street, Sammamish WA 98074 on Monday, March 15 stating the need to see our backyard. He was not wearing a mask when he knocked on our door and stated there was a complaint that we built a patio. We have gone through the City properly once we let go of our contractor and have an approved permit of BLD2020-00877 working primarily with Michael McEliece. I would expect if there was a complaint about a patio that was built that the City would look up our address to review recent activities than show up at my door without a mask. I would also like to request all information regards to the patio complaint (Date of original complaint, how it was submitted (i.e e-mail, call) in copy form. Thank you.

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3/18/2021- Sent documents via Hightail. AK