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Lyla Gray-Etherson

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• Permits, reports, and information for Underground or Aboveground Storage Tanks (UST/AST), oil / water separator or clarifier installation or removal any current or previous building at the property • Permits for flammable materials storage • Permits of asbestos removal • Permits for the installation or decommissioning of drinking water wells & septic systems • Demolition/renovation permits for the current building of any other prior building on this property • Any known spills, releases, hazardous materials • Any known or suspected potential environmental issues at the property or area of the subject property • Historical use of the subject property • Any special requirements per planning / zoning due to potential environmental concerns in the area • Outstanding fire code violations associated with storage / handling / use of flammable or hazardous materials • Fires or spills • Permits for Underground or Aboveground Storage Tanks (UST/AST), installation or removal • Any known storage of hazardous materials or petroleum products • Date of water connection • Water violations • Date of municipal sewer connection • Special sewer discharge permits Sahalee Country Club 21200 Northeast Sahalee Country Club Drive Parcels: 202506-9019, 202506-9050, 202506-9055, 212506-9029, 282506-9048, 292506-9024, 750401-1030 & 750402-1582 Sammamish, King County, Washington 98074 Property Solutions Inc Project #: 20210370

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3/31/2021- Sought clarification. AK 4/1/2021- Sent records via Hightail. AK