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Linda Atkins

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This public records request is for copies of all applications, plans, permits and any and all other documents or records submitted under or related to PLA2020-00201, including copies of any amendments, modifications, updates, resubmittals or other new or updated information related to the application, together with copies of all written communications, letters or emails between city staff and the applicant related to the application or related to the real property that is the subject of the application. It is my understanding that the applicant (or the applicant’s agent) is Andrew McKenzie. This request includes (but is not limited to) a request for copies of any plats, permits, approvals, easements or other documents related to the subject property that were issued by, submitted to, or related to any actions, approvals, applications or other activity in or by King County. The subject property is APN072406-9093, Lot 2 of SP885020.

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5/13/2021- Sent via Hightail first installment. AK 6/1/2021- Sent final installment via hightail. AK