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Hello PRR team. I am requesting that the city send me the audio clip for roughly 30 to 60 seconds after City Council came out of executive session at about 11:30 PM on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Further the city needs to add this video and audio footage back to the meeting video for May 11, 2021 as it was publicly broadcast. Some additional information for frame of reference. The city Council went into executive session at approximately 10pm on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. The Mayor stated the executive session was to be about half an hour long. At roughly 11:00 PM Mayor Moran announced the executive session and meeting would be extended for half an hour. Once again, at approximately 11:30 PM mayor Moran came on and announced executive session would be still extended for another half an hour until 11:30 PM. At approximately 11:30 PM the executive session image was removed from the video and replaced with the outdoor image that shows south of City Hall Chambers with the water feature and part of the plaza area. During that time, I would estimate that was between 30 60 seconds of conversations being held in the room that are part of the public record for this meeting. These conversations are what I am asking to be sent to me as an audio file and added to the official video of this meeting. What is on the video now is roughly 5 seconds of this period. As I attend meetings regularly I observe when executive sessions are over (regardless of how long they last) video images of the council members are shown and then a statement is made that the meeting is over. This did not happen at this meeting. Recap, what is shown at the end of the May 11th Council Study Session video now is the image described above with about five seconds of narrative. What actually happened the evening of May 11 was the image described above was shown with between 30-60 seconds of narrative. My request is that that public record narrative be restored to the video and an audio file copy of this 30 to 60 seconds be sent to me. Thank You.

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5/14/2021- Sent link to video and requested clip. AK