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Dear City Clerk, I am conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the below referenced property. I am requesting any Building, Planning, and/or Fire department copies of records of above/below ground storage tanks, as-built drawings, open building and fire code violations, hazardous material incidents, and a summary of issued building permits. We also request information regarding citizen complaints and/or your investigations on the use, handling, release, or discharge of solid or liquid wastes, hazardous material, dumping, or other circumstances of environmental concern recorded at the facility or surrounding area. Additionally, any information that is available regarding any previous developments on or the prior use history of this property would be greatly appreciated. - Parcel Number: 7525460130 - Property Address: 22841 NE 8TH ST, Sammamish, WA Finally, if additional charges apply, please request funds prior to conducting any research. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Best Regards, Brent Laws Project Manager M) 206-227-6388

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6/23/2021- 5 day response sent. Installment due 6/28/2021. AK 6/25/2021- Emailed docs. AK