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"To Whom It May Concern: I would like to request a spreadsheet containing detailed incident data for all crimes (NOT Calls for Services but rather, crime that generate incident reports) occurring within the Sammamish Police Department's jurisdiction during the years of 2015-2020. Specifically, I am interested in the address/100-block address and/or latitude/longitude coordinates (along with the date of occurrence and crime type) for each individual crime within the specified time period above. I would also be interested in receiving any other available information for each individual crime provided (e.g. case number, time of occurrence, ZIP Code, premise/location type, etc.). I am hoping to collect information for all notable offense types in accordance with FBI UCR or NIBRS reporting practices, but most importantly: criminal homicide; robbery; rape (revised definition); aggravated assault; burglary; larceny/theft; motor vehicle theft; simple assault; destruction/vandalism of property; drug/narcotic offenses; and disorderly conduct. Similar information was previously accessible and collected from a publicly available open data platform called Socrata; however, it is understood that the information is no longer available for download on the previously accessed website. Therefore, the request is being made directly to the department. If possible, I would like the data to be provided via email. Please contact me before processing this request to ensure proper format and to discuss any fees involved in providing the data. Thank you in advance for considering my request. Sincerely, Kyle Grottini Sr. Research Analyst, Crime Intelligence Analysis CAP Index, Inc. 150 John Robert Thomas Dr. Exton, PA 19341 (phone) 610-903-3006 | (mobile) 570-764-2464"

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6/25/2021- Referral to KCSO. AK