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Paul Stickney

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Hello PRR Team, Please send me a complete copy of the BLUMA PDEIS and related studies that was due to the city from the consultant on June 18th, 2021. Am requesting all materials transmitted to the City from the Consultant, including, but limited to, the PDEIS, studies, background/technical analyses, proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan, vision, goals, policies and development regulations. Connect Sammamish shows City review of this material from June 21st to July 16th 2021. I am emailing separately a pdf with highlights regarding this request.

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7/12/2021- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 8/6/2021. AK 7/13/2021- Emailed requestor that records will not be available until 8/26/2021. AK 8/26/2021- Sent draft EIS link. KK 10/5/2021- Sent documents. AK