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Please provide all permit record updates since November 15 2020 for the following: Parcel number 1024069230 – 23700 SE 32nd Way Parcel number 1024069081 – 23702 SE 32nd Way Parcel number 102406TR_A –Critical Sensitive Area To include these specifics: 1) Copy of ROW permit applied for by Utility to repair the break in our phone line and loss of service on July 1, 2021 and copy of all locator records for the construction workings at the two permit address. 2) Provide an explanation of a pedestrian safety issue on the sidewalk at the corner where red tape laying over the edge and a board unlevel and falling down is the sidewalk edge. 102406TR_A – Critical Sensitive Area Tract West and in the Laughing Jacob’s Creek Buffer 1) Approval for and inspections for the permit that allow clear cutting for utility in the tract and allow for erosion control and disturbance fencing to not be required. 2) Copy on the required 21A.50.110 Critical Area review. 23700 SE 32nd Way - ROW2021-02340 - ROW - TYPE C UTILITY 1) Approval for permit to clear cut within the Laughing Jacob’s Creek Buffer as well as in the protected tract. 2) Copy of the Stormwater drywell plan, or other plan to manage runoff to down slope properties and Laughing Jacob's Creek. 3) Copy of regional permit approval for the Sensitive area tract which has been disturbed. BLD2019-03554 SFR LOT 1 Inspection reports to include: 1) Date and reason for approving the lack of an Address Marker on the lot is not necessary. 2) Date and names of who made agreement approving the use of gravel driveway for construction vehicles and copy of records 3) Copy of inspections and reasoning for lack of completion of 23700 access before the home began construction. 4) Copy of inspections and explanation of issues for framing. 23702 SE 32nd Way BLD2021-01580-BLDG RESIDENTIAL - MECHANICAL 1) What is the status of this permit record? ROW2021-01429- PSE INFRASOURCE-23702 SE 32ND WAY-106370829 1) What is the status of this permit record. ROW2020-01044-ROW - TYPE B CONSTRUCTION 1) What is the status of this permit, please provide all inspections records. ROW2019-03284-ROW - TYPE C UTILITY 1) What is the status of this permit, please provide all inspections records. SDP2019-03904- SUKHORUKOV SHP SEWER / WATER04 1) What is the status of this permit, please provide all inspections records. Also provide septic abandonment and drainfield inspection records. Does this permit apply to both parcels? Copy of inspection report when City was notified that a hose was running over the dug in silt fence, and explanation of what was running out of the hose.


9/27/2021: Clarification. 

Copy of permit acceptance / emails / any communications where 23700 is allowed to continue to use 23684 driveway in the Creek buffer for the Contractor and crews to enter and leave the site.  It is clear that city recognized the issue in the 20210201 BLD2019 03354 Construction - A Notepad record which was received in this PRR. An update and reasoning are required for the issue of this being a Civil Matter as defined by Sammamish City Manager and DCD. 


Copy of the Locator records and reports to include reason, or approval to cut into the Sensitive / Critical Area were not in the PRR and are still required. And copy of City response records when Contractor left a shrub fallen on the driveway to 23684. 


Copy of Locator records for ALL utilities were requested and are required. Our phone utility line was cut in July, and is cut again with no ETA on repairing it. 


Copy of all records of inspection and for SDP2019-03904- SUKHORUKOV SHP SEWER / WATER04 and including records for septic abandonment and drainfield inspection records. 


Copy of the Drywell plan and inspections were not in the PRR so please provide these. And include the answer to the question regarding the Call to Permit for a hose running water into the Sensitive Tract Area and our property's rain garden. 

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7/20/2021- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 8/3/2021. AK 8/3/2021- Sent first installment. AK 8/24/2021- Sent second installment via Hightail. KK 8/25/2021- Emailed requestor next installment due 9/15/2021. KK 9/16/2021- Next installment due 9/24/2021. AK 9/24/2021- Sent final installment. AK 9/27/2021- Re-open PRR. AK 10/8/2021- Sent answers to questions. Close PRR. AK