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Paul Stickney

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Hello PRR Team. For the sixteen day period from June 30th, 2021 through July 15th, 2021 I am requesting all emails, documents or other correspondence between City Council Members, City Staff, City Management and/or City Consultants that contain any of these key words: Growth Management Hearings Board or GMHB; Gerend; Concurrency; Concurrency Model; Concurrency Certificates: Volume over Capacity or V/C; Moratorium or Moratoria; Transportation Improvement Plan or 6-year TIP; Development; STCA; Governor; Sanctions. If any questions or clarifications contact me :)


7/28/2021- Revised PRR to: 

"GMHB (or Growth Management Hearings Board -STCA-Governor (or Governor's Office)-Sanctions

 In Summary PRR 3965 is now only asking for the green key words above from June 30th 2021 to July 15th 2021."


8/3/2021- Clarification:  How about, for now, just the words Sanctions or Governor from June 30th to July 16th, 2021.



Status Detail

7/22/2021- Sent 5 day response. First installment due 8/23/2021. AK 7/28/2021- Received a revision to PRR. AK 8/23/2021- Emailed requestor first installment due 9/3/2021. KK 9/30/2021- New installment date 10/5/2021. AK 10/5/2021- Atty needs more time, new installment date 11/5/2021. AK 10/8/2021- Sent 2nd installment. Next due 11/5/2021. AK 11/16/2021- Sent 3rd installment. Next due 12/17/2021. AK 12/17/2021- Atty needs more time; next installment expected 1/21/2022. KK 1/21/2022- Emailed update that next installment now expected 3/3/2022. KK 3/1/2022- Sent installment. Next due 4/4/2022. CS 4/4/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 5/16/2022. KK 5/2/2022-Sent fifth installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 5/26/2022 5/24/2022-Sent sixth installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 6/20/2022. AA 5/24/2022-Sent seventh installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 7/11/2022. AA 7/11/2022- Sent eighth installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 8/5/2022. AA 8/2/2022-Sent ninth installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 8/26/2022. AA