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Information regarding permits supplying utilities for 3197 and 3201 E LAKE SAMMAMISH PKWY NE: ROW2021-00888 (shows issued on 6/10/2021 for parcel 202506-9085) ROW2021-00748 (shows under review on parcel 202506-9071 or 3201 E LAKE SAMMAMISH PKWY NE). The properties claimed to have utility access when granted the variance to build in 2017 and both parcels show they received permits after the variances were granted to obtain services they claimed were already available. I need information for all three permits including the one issued for parcel 202506-9085 mentioned above and the one prior permit to the pending permit for the same service after being granted variances based upon false information. The permit issued prior that I also need documentation is ROW2018-04240 issued on 8/16/2018. I am one of the owners of the property located now downhill and to the north of the northern parcel currently under construction and need more information on the work being done including how this will further affect (impede) or damage our property and access. There is also an individual that claims ownership rights in our parcel that is trying to negotiate in some manner to gain utilities on our parcel through this permit. Would this need separate approval by the city, county, and/ or other agencies and entities and if so please provide the contact information so I have all information regarding the project. I also need the records of all associated costs (full breakdown) for the pending, issued and possible expansion of the above mentioned permits. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you, Aurora

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8/2/2021- Sent documents via Hightail. AK