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Paul Stickney

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Hello PRR Team, Please send me emails, documents and/or other correspondence between City Council Members, City Staff, City Management and City Consultants for the time period between June 15th, 2021 to July 15th 2021 that contain the following key words: LOS (or Level of Service); Traffic Model; Concurrency Certificate(s). Contact me with any questions or to clarify if needed. Thank you very much.

Status Detail

8/4/2021- Sent 5 day response. Sought clarification. AK 9/1/2021- Sent installment. Next due 10/1/2021. AK 9/30/2021- Installment due 10/5/2021. AK 10/5/2021- Sent 2nd installment. Next installment due 11/5/2021. AK 11/5/2021- Sent 3rd installment. Next due 12/10/2021. AK 12/10/2021- Sent atty installment. Next due 1/28/2022. AK 1/28/2022- Sent installment. Next due 3/1/2022. KK 3/1/2022- Sent installment. Next due 4/1/2022. CS 3/30/2022- Sent installment. Next due 5/12/2022. KK 5/10/2022-Sent eight installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 6/2/2022. AA 6/1/2022-Sent ninth installment via Hightail. Estimated next installment 7/5/2022. AA 6/29/2022-Sent tenth installment via Hightail. AA