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Melissa Santos

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Copies of all appeals filed by police officers, sheriff’s deputies or other certified peace officers challenging disciplinary decisions issued against them or challenging disciplinary measures imposed against them from Jan. 1, 2016 to July 1, 2021. Copies of the final decision or resolution in each of those cases, to include copies of settlement agreements, orders or decisions modifying the original discipline recommended or imposed, or, alternatively, copies of final decisions/ resolutions upholding the original discipline. Please include letters or decisions from police/sheriff administration (and/or the entity deciding the appeal) explaining the justification or reasoning behind the modification of discipline -- or, alternatively, the reason for keeping the original discipline in place. Please include any attachments, supporting documentation or revisions. I do not need records from Loudermill hearings that occur prior to the imposition of discipline or prior to a decision being made on discipline. If your agency maintains information about the status and resolution of law enforcement disciplinary appeals in a database or spreadsheet, please provide an electronic copy of that spreadsheet or database. If such a database does not exist, please provide any list you maintain indicating which appeals remain open and unresolved and which appeals have been resolved, along with the results or resolution in each case.

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8/12/2021- Referral to KCSO. AK