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Elizabeth Martin

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Please send me all tree permits that were requested (approved or denied) pertaining all tree removal and or any such maintenance of any trees, street trees, or park trees requested on behalf of the Aldarra Estates Neighborhood. Please send me as list of requested tree permits to include from person (1) below and the HOA of Aldarra Estates Board of Directors persons (1-4). he Dates request permits are from May 2021 thru Aug 2021. 1. Mr. Do1n Aselin Account Manager of Arborwell Professional Tree Management. 2.Current Aldarra Estates HOA President, Ms. Trish Seroter. 3. Current Aldarra Estates HOA Treasure, Roy Simperman. 4. Current Aldarra Estates HOA Secretary, Jim Laflin Thank you, Elizabeth Martin

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8/18/2021- 5 day response sent and sought clarification. AK 8/24/2021- No responsive documents. KK