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Please send over the 2016 Traffic Counts made during Peak hour for the Northern Segment of East Lake Sammamish Pkwy. The numbers listed in the EIS packet are unclear and seem to indicate the numbers are from 2016 but in the footnotes also indicate that The Parkway was for "informational purposes" and that the Parkway was "excluded from Concurrency". Please verify the source of the data presented in the packets and the year of the traffic counts for East Lake Sammamish Pkwy. Also please confirm that the Numbers entered into the EIS packet match the traffic counts. Considering the 3 northern Segments on the Northern Corridor of East Lake Sammamish Pkwy during AM peak hour the traffic numbers decrease as you travel North towards Redmond. This is counterintuitive and does not align with past traffic patterns on the Pkwy. This decrease most likely indicates an error in how the counts were inputted into the Excel Spreadsheet. Please confirm if this information was inputted correctly and whether or not the information will be corrected in future EIS revisions.

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9/1/2021- 5 day response sent. 9/8/2021- Sought clarification. AK 9/20/2021- No response received. Emailed records. AK