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Hello PRR Team, I am looking for information relative to contracted legal services and all costs for legal services (not tied to the City attorney or in-house legal staff). Specifically I am looking tor: 1) Contracts/Retainers (or agreements of any kind) entered into by the City from April 1st, 2021 to the present with attorneys. 2) Detailed billing statements from all attorneys under engagement by the City at any time from April to August 2021. This would include all specific detailed billing statements for April, May, June, July and/or August of this year - for any and all legal representation to the City from outside 3rd party attorneys during this time. Simply rephrased ...I am looking for any legal service agreements entered into, and all detailed legal costs incurred by the City, since April 1st 2021- other than the legal costs related to the City Attorney and City Legal Staff.


9/30/2021- Additional request: 

Can the finance department send me a report of money paid to any and all

attorneys since April 1st 2021. This would be a summary report with names

of the attorney firms, amount of $ that was paid, invoice date and date $ paid?


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9/13/2021- 5 day response sent. First installment due 9/30/2021. AK 9/30/2021- Sent updated installment date 10/20/2021. 10/19/2021- Sent installment. Next due 11/26/2021. AK 11/24/2021- Attorney needs additional time. Next due 12/10/2021. AK 12/10/2021- Atty needs more time. Next due 1/28/2022. AK 1/28/2022- Sent installment. Next due 2/25/2022. KK 2/24/2022- Sent installment. Next due 3/16/2022. CS 3/16/2022- Sent installment. Next due 4/28/2022. KK 4/25/2022-Sent final installment. AA