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Re: Public Disclosure Request / Preservation of Notes, Videos, Recordings Dear Public Records Coordinator, My office represents Pranal R. Patel in a criminal action commenced upon their arrest on 09/08/2021, potentially by the Washington State Patrol. Mr. Patel was then transported to the Sammamish Police Department for processing of the incident listed below. On behalf of Mr. Patel, I am requesting that the agency preserve any and all field/officer notes, reports, and video or audio records of the stop, arrest, and processing of the incident listed below. This is to include, but not be limited to, all patrol vehicles, and any BAC room video. Additionally, I request a copy of all such notes, reports, and video or audio records pursuant to RCW 42.56. Please consider this letter a Public Disclosure request. I understand there may be a fee for copying these records and perhaps for postage. Please advise me of the cost and it will be paid immediately. BAC Operator: Andrew P. Farley Subject: Pranal R. Patel Observation time: 19:29 Subject DOB: 09/26/1995 Incident date: 09/08/2021 BAC location: Sammamish, WA If you have any questions, please contact my office. Sincerely, LAW OFFICES OF LANCE FRYREAR

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9/13/2021- Referral to KCSO. AK