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John Tondini

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To avoid any doubt, please also consider this a public records request for all records regarding the City’s efforts to respond to public records requests from November 23, 2020, through today, including records relating to searching for, gathering, reviewing, and releasing records in response to public records requests. I also request records that identify any other public records requests in which the City has taken more than six
months to complete its response.

10/5/221: Received clarification: 

Regarding your questions:  #1 Is this [new request] specifically for your PRR 3593?  Yes.

#2 Is the date range 11/23/2020- 09/24/2021?  No, please use January 1 2020 – Sept 24, 2021.


Status Detail

9/30/2021- Sent 5 day response. Sought clarification. AK 10/5/2021- Received clarification. Installment date expected 11/5/2021. AK