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Jessica Laing

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All emails and documents (legal) to and from Jon Arnold regarding to Auto Doctor May 2021 to current.


11/5/2021- Received email adding to request: "Also we are requesting phone calls".

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10/20/2021- 5 day response sent. Installment due 11/5/2021. AK 11/4/2021- Installment due on 12/3/2021. AK 12/2/2021- Installment sent. Next due 1/12/2022. AK 1/12/2022 - Installment #2 sent to requestor. Next installment due 2/17/2022. CS 2/16/2022 - Installment #3 sent to requestor. Next installment due 3/28/2022. CS 3/28/2022 - Sent fourth installment. Fifth installment expected 4/29/2022. KK 4/27/2022- Sent fifth installment via Hightail. Next estimated installment 5/25/2022. AA 5/24/2022-Sent sixth installment via Hightail. AA