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Linda Atkins

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Request copies of all documents or records as described below between the dates of May 1, 2021 through today’s date, September 23, 2021.This request additionally is for copies of all notes, recordings, screen shots or other documents, drawings, maps, photographs, presentations, reports, records or media files of any kind concerning or relating to any and all meetings, phone calls, text messages or other communications or records of interactions of involving or including any person employed by the City of Sammamish (“City”) or whose services were, are or may be requested or utilized in any way on behalf of the City in processing or in response to any request, application, permit, approval or action by the City, including but not limited to elected or appointed members of City government or boards, or any contract employees, contract vendors or any other person with knowledge of any communication, interaction, fact, circumstance, decision, action, or lack of action, related to the application PLA2020-00201 or to the real property that is the subject of that application, including any revised, updated or new applications for any permit, approval or permissions related to such property. ))

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9/24/2021- Received request by email. Sent email to requestor(AK). 10/22/2021- No response. Emailed again. AK 11/30/2021- Sent documents. Next due 12/29/2021. AK 12/14/2021- Sent records. AK