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The council voted to conduct an investigation into a public employee. I would like all emails that were sent between council members, the employee, and staff that prompted the investigation, discussed the need for an investigation or discussed concerns over conduct. Also, am requesting copies of performance reports for employee - preceding the long investigation, the council spent months discussing employee evaluation, would like copies of the records that they considered when reviewing. Also, requesting copies of any emails sent from public persons to council members that pertained to the concerns that launched the investigation. This request is for all records that proceeded the vote to launch the investigation that is being funded by the taxpayers.


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11/22/2021- Sent NA's to staff and council. AK 1/24/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 3/10/2022. KK 3/10/2022- Sent first installment via Hightail. Second installment expected 4/7/2022. KK 4/4/2022- Sent second installment. Third installment expected 4/8/2022. KK 4/6/2022-Received clarification. 4/8/2022- Sent third installment via Hightail. Next installment estimated 4/22/2022. AA 4/22-2022-Sent fourth installment via Hightail. Next installment estimated 5/6/2022. AA 5/6/2022-Sent fifth installment via Hightail, and requested clarification. AA 5/11/2022 - Closed. AA