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This is regarding a king county hearing examiner decision from 1997 for a development that is now in Sammamish. The subject of the decision is King County Department of Development and Environmental Services File No. L96P0025 - a preliminary plat application. On June 25, 1997 the Hearing Examiner issued a decision regarding this plat application. The decision has several exhibits attached to it. please provide: - exhibit 10: Wildlife and Habitat Evaluation report, dated December 20, 1996, and prepared by Terra Associates, Inc. - exhibit 11: Letter from Thomas R. Strong, Terra Associates, Inc., dated February 6, 1997, regarding additional information on snags on the property. - exhibit 13: Memorandum from Kate Stenberg, Wildlife Program Manager, King County Department of Natural Resources, dated June 3, 1997, regarding current and future use of the hawk nest on the site - exhibit 26: Conceptual drawing of homes (8 photographs) - exhibit 34: Northeast quadrant of plat map showing reconfigured lots

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12/7/2021- Referral to KC. AK 12/8/2021- Sought clarification. AK 12/9/2021- Received clarification. Ordered records from storage. Installment expected 12/17/2021. AK 12/16/2021- No responsive records. KK