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Please provide Copy on all SUKHORUKOV SHP SEWER / WATER inspection records for the list and dates 7/14 and 8/2 2021 to to include all notes, activities, contractors, and results and to Include all records and activites where inspection recorded " Contractor will call me when these things are all addressed so I may look at them" Please de-digitize msg records for copy. According to MBP there are Total: 2 records for Permit #: SDP2019-03904 Project Name: SUKHORUKOV SHP SEWER / WATER Jurisdiction: Sammamish Type: SDP Address: 23702 SE 32ND WAY Parcel: 1024069081 Status: ISSUED Applied Date: 8/2/2019 Thank you, Karen Herring

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12/9/2021- Emailed documents. KK