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Hi, I am not sure who I am supposed to reach out to j. Order to help me, but I am requesting any kind of video footage that can show my brother getting out of a vehicle and walking into the klahanie qfc, he tries to use his debit card but it declines, the time for that transaction inside the store is at around 7pm, I can get the exact time if that prob helps… he was wearing jeans, a yellow under armor hoodie, red Jordan high tops, a flat bull hat, and a black champion back pack, the reason for my request, he was found passed away the early morning in Bellevue outside of the Columbia bank outside on the sidewalk. I am trying to see who my brother was riding around with that evening, he only made a couple stops and I only know this because of his debit card statements, he was at the klahanie qfc on august 3rd at or about 7pm, (I can get exact time for you) he then leaves the qfc in someone’s vehicle and goes out to Bellevue to the Safeway on Bellevue way, I am not sure but I would so appreciate being directed to the correct department that can assist me in obtaining this information in any way possible, I am Joseph Stewart milks little sister, my name is stephanie j milks, please let me know where to go from here. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from someone. Thank you.

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12/13/2021- Referral to KCSO. AK