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Sarah Haynes

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Hello, I am looking for documents related to PLN2007-00015, specifically regarding any mitigation done during site development/construction in regards to the Landslide Hazard Area, Landslide Hazard Drainage, Erosion, and CARA currently shown on the Sammamish GIS page on parcel 776880-0080. I believe the building permit for that lot is BLD2013-02116. We are working with a client to redevelop part of their back yard and we are wanting to know what documentation/permits we might need for any ECA's on their property but would like to use accurate information beyond the Sammamish GIS page. Best Regards, Sarah

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12/20/2021- Sent 5-day response and first installment. Second installment expected 1/13/2022. KK 1/12/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 1/21/2022. KK 1/21/2022- Sought clarification. KK 1/24/2022- Received clarification. KK 1/25/2022- Emailed update that installment now expected 2/2/2022. KK 2/2/2022- Sent second installment and sought clarification. KK 3/7/2022- Closed request as no response was received for clarification. KK