Public Record Request Status

ID Current Status Date Received Status Detail
249 Closed 12/22/2015 12/22/15: emailed report. TH
248 Closed 12/23/2015 Per your Public Records Request for the Wetland BFR Averaging on the Haluptzok Critical Area Review Permit. Attached are the two documents you tagged.; Regards,; Tony Hudson
247 Closed 12/29/2015 12/29/15: emailed document. TH
246 Closed 12/30/2015 1/13/16: emailed copy of document. TH
225 Closed 12/31/2015 Emailed information from request. LH
224 Closed 12/30/2015 12/30/2015 Emailed agreement MA 1/4/16 Received request for additional information 1. all surveys referred to in section B of the recitals of the agreement; 2. all proposals referred to in section I of the recitals of the agreement; 3. copy of the city's policy of contracting for services when appropriate referred to in section L of the recitals of the agreement; 4. documents prepared and relied upon for to support section 7(I).; 5. documents related to section 9(e)(ii); 6. all documents related tot section 11. 7. all requests made under 12(f) ; If documents do not exit to some or all of these requests, please indicate so.; 1/14/16 Sent email that documents will not be ready until 2/5. Anjali is working to pull the documents together. MA 2/1/16: Sent file documents from PARKS and emails regarding "Donor Wall" LH ;
223 Closed 12/29/2015 Sent documents via HighTail - LH
222 Closed 12/28/2015 12/31/15; Emailed 11 resumes of Planning Commission Applicants. MA
221 Closed 11/24/2015 12/24/15: Viewed file. No copies requested. TH
220 Closed 12/28/2015 12/28/15: completed at front counter. SL
219 Closed 12/22/2015 12/22/15: Sent TRAKIT docs via HIGHTAIL LH
218 Closed 12/22/2015 12/22/15: Sent via HIGHTAIL LH
217 Closed 12/21/2015 12/14/15: emailed link to ICC codes.;
216 Closed 12/19/2015 12/21/15 Emailed that will get him the information when Jodee returns on 12/28. MA 1/11/15 Emailed spreadsheet listing ages of employees as of 1.1.14. MA
215 Closed 12/18/2015 12/21/15 Sent requested documents via Hightail.; MA
214 Closed 12/17/2015 12/18 Emailed contract and Galt's invoices. Forwarded request #3 to Finance. MA 12/31 Emailed David at Kenyon Disend to research. MA. 1/15/16 Emailed invoices provided by Kenyon Disend. MA
213 Closed 12/16/2015 12/24/15: Kyle E. has contacted them and they are fine with waiting until Jed returns.; MA 1.21.16: Kyle E. met with the DeWalds and they have agreed to withdraw this request as their issues have been settled. MA
212 Closed 12/16/2015 12/18/15: Emailed documents from TRAKIT. LH 12/21/15: resend TRAKIT documents. One of the submitted discs was not uploaded. LH
211 Closed 12/15/2015 12/15/15: Emailed documents to Mr. Powell. LH
210 Closed 12/15/2015 Sent closing arguments via HIGHTAIL. LH
209 Closed 12/14/2015 12/15/15: Sent Pedrizetti documents via HIGHTAIL. LH 12/21/15: Emailed Matt Miller report. LH
208 Closed 12/14/2015 Sent all files from Trakit via Hightail. LH
207 Closed 12/10/2015 Sent via HighTail. Does not need to review file. LH
206 Closed 12/10/2015 Emailed info from Trakit on 12-10-15. LH
205 Closed 12/10/2015 Document sent via HighTail. LH
204 Closed 12/10/2015 12-10-15: Scanned documents and emailed to Mr. Bakalian. LH
203 Closed 12/09/2015 Ordered box DCD414 from Iron MT. LH Scanned and emailed study. LH
202 Closed 12/08/2015 12/14/15 emailed retreat topics list;and draft retreat;recap notes.;MA
201 Closed 12/08/2015 12-8-15: emailed Breanna for verification of address. LH 12-8-15: Breanna no longer needed the information. Found elsewhere.
200 Closed 12/08/2015 12-08-15: Sent documents from TRAKIT via Hightail. LH
199 Closed 12/02/2015 Closed: Emailed link to fee schedule and the subdivision/house plans are no longer available. (keep for 6 months after finaled) MA
198 Closed 12/07/2015 12-8-15: Emailed link to for review of existing permits. LH
197 Closed 12/07/2015 12-8-15: Emailed 5-Day response letter. LH 1-7-16: Emailed Mr. Clemans an agreement letter. MA 1-14-16: Emailed Mr. Clemans via HIGHTAIL folders of indexes and Logs for all City departments so he can start requesting selected information. LH 2.-1-16 Withdrew all requests. MA
196 Closed 12/07/2015 Emailed plans for Castle Pines. BC
195 Closed 11/20/2015 completed. TH
194 Closed 11/16/2015 closed. emailed. TH
193 Closed 11/16/2015 emailed. TH
192 Closed 11/10/2015 Sent via email. DD
191 Closed 11/09/2015 Closed
190 Closed 12/07/2015 Closed: forwarded to B. Carpenter. 11/5/15
189 Closed 11/05/2015 Closed: Replied to Mr. Austin's request. LH
188 Closed 11/05/2015 Closed:;Data sent. BC
187 Closed 12/03/2015 12-8-15: Emailed 5-Day response letter. LH 2-1-16: Withdrew request for paper records. Sent the following response to him: I received your email withdrawing you request for paper records. We will start forwarding you electronic records. However, it might be helpful to you and to us, if you could tell us, based on the indexes we sent you, what you would like to see first. We will be sending these electronic files via Hightail. Based on our current workload, we can devote one hour per week to your request. The software for the name badges is a little problematic, so it will take so time to print those out for you. Staff has been instructed to work on this request one hour per week. MA; 2-1-2016 - Withdrew request
186 Closed 12/07/2015 12-1-15: emailed documents.
184 Closed 12/07/2015 Forwarded to Darci. LH Closed: Emailed Val the links for and how to located the parcel she is interested in. LH
183 Closed 12/04/2015 Sent via HighTail. LH
182 Closed 12/06/2015 Closed: Emailed documents still on file. NO house plans available. LH 12/8/15: Sent neighboring plans via HIGHTAIL. LH BLD2014-01206
181 Closed 12/03/2015 Closed: Send documents from TRAKIT via Hightail. LH
180 Closed 12/02/2015 Closed. emailed application. LH Hightailed the plan set and Traffic analysis. LH
179 Closed 12/02/2015 12/7/15: Forwarded request to PW and Community Dev. LH 12/7/15: Emailed Mr. Fletcher a 5-day response letter. LH 12/22/15: Emailed responsive documents. MA 12.24/15: Notified him a cd was ready to pick up at will call. Will contact us after the New Year. MA
178 Closed 12/01/2015 Request incomplete. Forwarded to IT.
177 Closed 11/30/2015 11/30/15: Could not locate any asbuilts. Emailed copy of plat map and drainage plan. Possibly the builder has existing drwgs. LH
176 Closed 11/24/2015 11/25/2015 Emailed documents to him. MA
174 Closed 11/24/2015 11-30-15: Emailed Tawni, Lisa, Beth and Brock for assistance locating any documents. 12/3/15: Sent via Hightail 05-1000 as recommended by Lisa. LH
173 Closed 11/23/2015 Sent reports for Tamarack by Windward. LH 11/23/15: Closed: Found the SE 24th Report and emailed to Mr. Osgood. LH
172 Closed 11/23/2015 Resend documents for Conner-Jarvis via Hightail. LH
171 Closed 11/23/2015 Sent 3 reports from Windward to Mr. Osgood via HighTail. LH
170 Closed 11/23/2015 11/23/15: Forwarded to Darci and Emily for any information they can provide. Emailed Ms. Bui an approx. completion time. ;LH 11/23/15: Emailed documents provided by Darci and located in Public Works electronic file. LH
169 Closed 11/23/2015 11/23/15 House constructed prior to 1999. Directed requestor to King County. MA
168 Closed 11/20/2015 11/20/15: emailed scanned file documents. LH
167 Closed 11/20/2015 11/20/15: Send electronic files via Hightail and placed hard copy files of Western Properties RUE at Reception desk. LH
166 Closed 11/20/2015 11/20/15: Sent electronic documents via HIGHTAIL and file is available in Will Call. LH
165 Closed 11/19/2015 11/19/15: Emailed Mr. Mets that the building permit is archived off-site and if he would like to view the file. No plans available for storm drainage on SE 8th for that area. LH 11/20/15: File arrived from Iron MT. LH 11/24/15: Scanned file documents and emailed. LH
164 Closed 11/16/2015 closed: 11/18/15 LH
163 Closed 11/18/2015 11/18/2015 Plans destroyed.;She will come in and view plans for lot 12 which is the same floor plan. Plan set up by front counter. MA 11/20/15: Nova was in today and took photos of the plans she required.
162 Closed 11/18/2015 Send electronic files from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. LH
161 Closed 11/18/2015 Found PLN2009-00023 in Trakit and in BLA file. Emailed. LH Ordering DCD 332
160 Closed 11/17/2015 No records provide. Both sites were King County projects. I directed her to King County. MA
159 Closed 11/17/2015 Emailed copy of Business Licenses. MA
158 Closed 11/13/2015 11/17/2015 Hightailed documents. MA 11/18/2015 Withdrew request for emails. MA
157 Closed 11/13/2015 11/13/15 Directed him to file a request for records with King County Sheriff's Office. MA
156 Closed 11/13/2015 11/13/15 Hightailed exhibits MA
155 Closed 11/12/2015 11-13-15 Emailed no records available. Home built before 1999. MA
154 Closed 11/12/2015 11-12-15 For Request #1 emailed KD billing statements regarding Jane Doe. Asked for clarification on Request #2. MA 11-13-15 Emailed requested documents for Request #2. MA
152 Closed 11/12/2015 11-12-15 Emailed that there are no records for this parcel. MA
151 Closed 11/11/2015 11/12/15 Emailed requested documents. Requested clarification for authorizing YMCA to allow use of the facility by purchasing Y memberships? MA 11/18/2015 Emailed requesting clarification of the above question again. 12/14/15: No response received for clarification request. LH Closed
150 Closed 11/10/2015 11/12/15 Sent scanned files. Also let him know there are additional files in off-site storage and asked if he wanted them. MA 11/13/15 Asked Debbie order boxes from storage. MA 11/20/15 Emailed that files are available. MA 12/2/15: Mr. Gowing was in to review files. He indicated that Mr. Bakalian might still be interested in reviewing and to leave files at reception.
149 Closed 11/10/2015 11-10-15 Mailed 14 copies MA
147 Closed 11/09/2015 11.9; Emailed for more information on what the communication is related to so I can ask the appropriate staff members if there is any written communication. I ran an email search and did not find any records.; MA 11.9 Checking with Code Enforcement for more information. MA 11.10 Sent emails MA
146 Closed 11/09/2015 11.9 Emailed Plan set; MA
145 Closed 11/08/2015 11.9 Asked Debbie B. to see if records are archived and if so to retrieve them. MA 11.10 Emailed that records are on site. MA 11.12 Mr. Jensen is out of town. His wife will coordinate looking at records. MA 11.13 Email records via Hightail. MA
144 Closed 11/06/2015 11.9 Sent copies of pre-application submittal materials and directed her to speak with Rob G. MA
143 Closed 11/06/2015 11-6-15: Sent request to Finance for documents. LH 11-10-15 Sent copies of invoices and contract for INW MA
142 Closed 11/05/2015 Closed: Copies and color scans completed and sent via Hightail. Hard copies available in Will Call. LH
141 Closed 11/06/2015 11/6/15: Emailed Councilmembers, Jeff Thomas and Evan Maxim. LH 11-12-15 Sent email advising request would be completed by 11/24 MA 11/23/15: Sent emails to Mr. Galvin via Hightail. Sent emails for review to attorney. LH 12/7/15: emailed Mr. Galvin final emails reviewed by attorneys office.
140 Closed 11/06/2015 Closed: Emailed scanned documents. LH
139 Closed 11/05/2015 Closed: Mona Davis met with Mr. Hanson and reviewed the file. LH Sent Trakit documents via HighTail. LH
138 Closed 11/04/2015 Closed: Sent via Hightail. LH
137 Closed 11/04/2015 Closed: Sent via HighTail. LH
136 Closed 11/04/2015 Closed: provided copy of report. TH
135 Closed 11/04/2015 Closed: Completed by Tony H.
134 Closed 11/04/2015 Closed: Emailed Mr. Reid with response and one email. LH 11-6-15: Emailed recording of VM from Andrew Zagars and Evan Maxim. Scanned Message log from Andrew Zagars. LH
132 Closed 11/04/2015 Closed: Emailed Ordinance O2015-389. MA
131 Closed 11/03/2015 Closed: Gia reviewed files and tagged docs for scanning. Emailed scanned documents 11-4-15. LH
130 Closed 11/03/2015 Closed: Sent via Hightail. LH
129 Closed 10/26/2015 Closed: Documents emailed. TH
128 Closed 10/29/2015 Closed: Emailed copy of building permit. TH
127 Closed 10/29/2015 Closed: Letter to KC emailed on 11/2/15. MA
126 Closed 11/03/2015 Closed: provided Williams Short Plat doc. LH
125 Closed 11/02/2015 Closed: Provided copy of notice of application. TH
124 Closed 11/02/2015 Closed: Beth will send via Hightail in the next couple of days. When compiled. LH
123 Closed 10/30/2015 Closed.
122 Closed 10/28/2015 Oct. 28th - Sent via Hightail. LH
121 Closed 10/29/2015 11/2/15: Emailed link to My Building to locate parcel number activity. LH
120 Closed 10/28/2015 Closed: Emailed BLA doc. No other permits. LH
119 Closed 10/27/2015 10/27 Directed requester to King County Sheriff website. MA
118 Closed 10/27/2015 10/27 Emailed that files were available for viewing. Left them in Lita's office. MA (Will be in on Nov. 4 to view files) Closed: 11/4/15 - Mr. and Mrs. Beard were in today to view files. No copies requested. LH
117 Closed 10/27/2015 10/27 Hightailed as-builts for SE 20th Non-motorized project. Only records I could find for the area requested.
116 Closed 10/27/2015 10/27 Emailed pdf of both site plans. MA
115 Closed 10/23/2015 Sent via HIGHTAIL.
114 Closed 10/23/2015 Closed. Provided hard copies. 7 sheets @ $5.00 each = $35.00
113 Closed 10/22/2015 10/22/15: Sent documents via HIGHTAIL LH
112 Closed 10/22/2015 Closed: Emailed information from TRAKIT. LH
111 Closed 10/21/2015 Closed: Amy K
110 Closed 10/21/2015 Closed: Emailed related documents. LH
108 Closed 10/21/2015 10/21/15: Contacted Madeline about coming in this afternoon. Sent the SDP plan set via HIGHTAIL. LH Closed: LH
107 Closed 10/20/2015 Closed: Sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
106 Closed 10/20/2015 Closed: Sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
105 Closed 10/19/2015 Closed. Audio files sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
104 Closed 10/19/2015 Closed: emailed documents to Mr. Bennett. LH
103 Closed 10/16/2015 Closed: emailed the permit details, site plan and road grading plans for 223rd Assemblage. LH
102 Closed 10/17/2015 Closed: sent digital documents from TRAKIT. LH
101 Closed 10/16/2015 Closed: emailed a re-roofing permit. LH
100 Closed 10/14/2015 10/15/15: Sent via HIGHTAIL. BC
99 Closed 10/16/2015 10/16/15: sent plans via HIGHTAIL. lh
98 Closed 10/13/2015 emailed BLA2013-00199 MA
97 Closed 10/14/2015 Closed: Send documents via HIGHTAIL - LH
96 Closed 10/14/2015 Closed: Emailed on 10/13/15. LH 10/14/15: Sent house plans via HIGHTAIL. LH
95 Closed 10/13/2015 Closed: No document available. Referred to King County Records. LH;
94 Closed 10/13/2015 Closed: Information available at King County (pre-incorporation) LH
93 Closed 10/12/2015 10-13-15: Documents for BLD2014-00905 sent via HIGHTAIL. LH
92 Closed 10/12/2015 Emailed PRA2013-00185 and PRA-2015-00029. MA
91 Closed 10/12/2015 Closed: 10/8/15: ;8 copies (24 X 36 - $5.00 per sheet), for $40.00.
90 Closed 10/08/2015 Closed: 10/12/15: Sent all Audio files via HIGHTAIL. LH
89 Closed 10/10/2015 10/12/15: Searched and downloaded emails. LH Closed: 10/19/15: Sent emails via HIGHTAIL. LH
88 Closed 10/10/2015 Email link to presentation. MA
87 Closed 10/09/2015 Closed: 10/12/15 - ;Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT. LH
83 Closed 10/07/2015 Darci emailed Plat activity report.
82 Closed 10/07/2015 Emailed 2013 and 2014 Fee schedules. DD
81 Closed 10/07/2015 Provided copies of 2 of the site plans electronically.; No electronic version available for BLD15-01989 or BLD15-01423 at this time. Hard copies available for viewing at City Hall. LH
80 Closed 10/07/2015 Closed: Duplicate request as # 79. LH
79 Closed 10/07/2015 Closed: Scanned plan documents for BLD2014-01906. LH
78 Closed 10/06/2015 Closed: Send documents via Hightail. LH
77 Closed 10/06/2015 Closed: Rob Garwood emailed a response which was forwarded to Ms. Wright. LH
76 Closed 10/05/2015 Closed: RP
75 Closed 10/05/2015 Closed: emailed Bus. Lic. information. LH
74 Closed 09/22/2015 9/22/15: sent via Hightail
73 Closed 10/05/2015 9/22/15: sent via HighTail
72 Closed 10/02/2015 10-5-15: Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT. LH
71 Closed 10/05/2015 10/5/15: Sent all electronic documents from TRAKIT. Downloaded emails to be reviewed from City Outlook accounts. LH 10/6/15: Sent Reynolds emails via HIGHTAIL. LH
70 Closed 10/02/2015 10/5/15: Forwarded request to Public Works dept. for response. LH 10/5/15: Emailed permit information. No other known work scheduled. LH
69 Closed 10/02/2015 10-5-15: Sent Ms. Walton the table of contents to determine which section she would like scanned. LH 10-5-15: Emailed section 6.3 Soils report by Earth Consultants. LH
68 Closed 09/30/2015 10/1/15: Forwarded to the Sammamish Police Dept. for response. LH
67 Closed 09/30/2015 10/1/15: Forwarded request to Public Works Dept. LH 10/16/15: Emailed that some BLD files available for review. LH 10/30/15: Scanned and printed copies. in Will Call and Hightail. LH
66 Closed 09/30/2015 9/30/15: Closed. Emailed applicant information. LH
65 Closed 09/30/2015 9/30/15: DCD408 from Iron Mt for a Friday delivery. LH 10/1/15: File box was already at City Hall. Scanned documents and emailed to Mr. Redding. LH. Closed.
64 Closed 09/30/2015 9/30/15: Ordered DCD323 from Iron Mt. for a Friday delivery. LH 10-5-15: Files in Will Call and Ms. Grillo has been notified. LH
63 Closed 09/29/2015 9/29/15: Evan Maxim emailed Mr. Wilmart the decision, SEPA determination, and the conceptual SE Connector road design. Requested if he would like all digital document. LH 9/29/15:Closed- Send all electronic documents relating to Southeast Village to Mr. Wilmart via HIGHTAIL. LH
62 Closed 09/29/2015 9/29/15: Closed. Emailed the Sahalee Hills Div. 1 Plat Map. LH
61 Closed 09/28/2015 9-29-15: Ms. Campbell called today to speak about her request. I informed her that Melonie Anderson would be the person to talk to and she will be returning on Oct. 5, 2015.
60 Closed 09/28/2015 Closed: 9/30/15: Sent emails relating to request. Waiting for responses from Council for any personal email use with regards to Cascadia Rising. LH
59 Closed 09/28/2015 Closed: Documents emailed by Colleen. LH
58 Closed 09/26/2015 Closed 9/28/15: Send documents via HIGHTAIL. LH
57 Closed 09/25/2015 9/28/15: Closed: Emailed copy of decision. LH
56 Closed 09/25/2015 9/28/15: Closed. Emailed Hidden Ridge Plat Map. LH
55 Closed 09/25/2015 9/28/15: Closed:;Forwarded to Sammamish Police Dept. LH
54 Closed 09/24/2015 9/28/15: Forwarded to Sammamish Police Dept. LH
53 Closed 09/24/2015 9/28/15: Closed: Emailed Mr. Krueger the plans from TRAKIT. LH
52 Closed 09/24/2015 9/28/15: Emailed Mr. Krueger the requested ordinance. LH
51 Closed 09/24/2015 9/24/15: Forwarded to Tawni Dalziel for her response. LH 9/28/15: Closed. Sent document to Ms. Wictor. Could not find word version. LH 9/30/15: Scanned additional documents for Mary this morning from Tawni's Tamarack binder. LH Sent via HIGHTAIL
50 Closed 09/24/2015 9/24/15: Forwarded to Tawni Dalziel for requested document. LH 9/28/15: Closed:;Located 2011 memo and emailed it to Ms. Wictor. LH
49 Closed 09/24/2015 9/24/15: Forwarded to Darci Donovan for TRAKIT Report. LH 9/25/15: Darci emailed Mr. Hayes all requested documents available. LH
48 Closed 09/23/2015 Mona Davis assisted Mr. Ludlow at the front counter. LH
47 Closed 09/23/2015 9/24/15: Ordered DCD354 from Iron Mt. Updated Mr. Whitbeck about request. LH 9/25/15: File arrived from Iron Mt. Debbie called requester and put file in Will Call. LH
46 Closed 09/23/2015 No records available. LH
45 Closed 09/20/2015 Sent information via Hightail. Beth C
44 Closed 09/22/2015 Closed. Sent by Beth C. via Hightail
43 Closed 09/22/2015 9/22/15: Scanned documents from file and emailed to Mr. Giese. LH
42 Closed 09/18/2015 9/21/15: Emailed Councilmembers to review personal email accounts for responsive emails. LH 9/24/15: Received responses from all Councilmembers and forwarded information to Mr. Nash. Closed Request. LH
41 Closed 09/18/2015 Closed: 9/18/15 provided pre-app notes. MD
40 Closed 09/18/2015 Closed on 9-21-15: Emailed Ms. Campbell all emails relating to request and from Mr. Valderrama's home email. LH
39 Closed 09/18/2015 9/18/15: Sent Frazier documents form PW and DCD via Hightail. LH
38 Closed 09/17/2015 Unable to fulfil request. Directed requester to KC Superior Courts Clerk. LH
37 Closed 09/17/2015 Forwarded to the Sammamish Police website for KC Police;public records. LH 9/17/15
36 Closed 09/15/2015 9/15/15: Emailed documents. MA Closed
35 Closed 09/16/2015 Emailed documents. MA Closed
34 Closed 09/17/2015 9/17/15: Barrington documents sent via Hightail. LH Closed
33 Closed 09/16/2015 9/17/15: Documents sent via Hightail. Completed. LH
32 Closed 09/16/2015 Closed
31 Closed 09/15/2015 Closed
30 Closed 09/15/2015 9/17/15: Send documents via HighTail. LH Closed
29 Closed 09/15/2015 Closed
28 Closed 09/15/2015 Closed
27 Closed 09/14/2015 Closed: Sent appeal decisions that were available and draft spreadsheet. LH
26 Closed 09/10/2015 Closed
24 Closed 09/11/2015 Closed till Feb. 3, 2016
21 Closed 09/10/2015 Closed
20 Closed 09/10/2015 Closed
18 Closed 09/09/2015 Closed
17 Closed 09/08/2015 Completed
15 Closed 09/04/2015 Closed
12 Closed 09/03/2015 Closed
10 Closed 09/02/2015 Sent via Hightail account. Asbuilts from file.
7 Closed 08/31/2015 Closed
6 Closed 09/01/2015 Closed
5 Closed 09/01/2015 Closed
4 Closed 09/01/2015 Closed
1 Closed 08/28/2015 Reviewed our permit tracking system, TRAKIT and there are no pending or approved, or applied for permits associated with parcel 202506-9137.