Health & Human Services Task Force

A City Council appointment task force representing the following areas: faith groups, schools, human service providers, seniors, service organizations, public safety institutions or the community at large.
  • Pat Castillo, Chair
  • Tom Ehlers, Co-Chair
  • Joyce Bottenberg
  • Jane Dulski
  • Nancy Johnson
  • C.J. Kahler
  • Larry Wright

All members terms ends on December 31, 2017.

  • Provide recommendations to the City Council regarding the City's human services grant applications and related health and human services activities.
  • Explore the Human Services Needs Assessment.
  • Develop a proposal for the formation of a Health and Human Services Commission to be included in the 2017-18 Biennial Budget discussions.
  • Attend Task Force meetings on a monthly basis and other meetings as may be required to support the work of the Task Force.
  • Report to the Council Committee on a quarterly basis.


Date Meeting Info Agenda Minutes
12/13/2017 1:30 PM
11/08/2017 1:30 PM
10/11/2017 1:30 PM
09/13/2017 1:30 PM
08/09/2017 1:30 PM
07/12/2017 1:30 PM
06/27/2017 9:00 AM
The Human Services Committee will be meeting with the Human Services Task Force on Tuesday, June 27 from 9:00 to 10:00am at City Hall in the Executive Briefing Room (Plaza 111).
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06/07/2017 12:00 PM
Agenda PDF
05/17/2017 1:30 PM
Agenda PDF
04/12/2017 1:30 PM
Agenda PDF
03/08/2017 1:30 PM
Agenda PDF Minutes PDF
02/08/2017 1:30 PM
Agenda PDF Minutes PDF
01/12/2017 1:30 PM
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