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Information Brochures

Community Development

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The following brochures provide information about various regulations for different types of development proposals.

110 Residential Lot Lines Information on the various types of lot lines for residential properties.
120 R-4 Dynamic Setbacks Setbacks in the R-4 zone, based on the size of the house.
130 R-6 Dynamic Setbacks Setbacks in the R-6 zone, based on the size of the house. 
140 Height Limits COMING SOON - How to measure heights on residential properties.
150 Lot Coverage & Impervious Surface How much of property can be developed with buildings or hard surfaces. 
160 Sustainable Site Design Checklist for Single-Family Residences How to incorporate natural resources into site design, allow for reduced impervious surfaces, retain native vegetation, and reduced runoff.
170 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) How large of a house can be built, proportionate to the size of the property.
210 Clearing and Grading Basic information on landscaping and other site improvements for residential properties.
220 Residential Fences Basic information on fences and their allowed heights.
230 Decks Basic information on decks and porches for residential properties.
240 Accessory Structures General information on accessory structures, such as sheds, greenhouses, and detached garages. 
310 Detached ADUs Information for Accessory Dwelling Units (sometimes referred to as granny units or in-law units)
410 Chicken Regulations Nuggets of information on fowl rules for chickens and roosters on residential properties. 
420 Sammamish Property Tool Guide Guide to the online resource that includes property information such as zoning district, development activity, and critical areas