Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Rezone Applications

The City of Sammamish’s 20-year Comprehensive Plan, last fully updated in 2015, provides a vision for the future, identifies goals and policies to achieve that vision, creates a basis for the City’s regulations, and guides future decision-making. State law authorizes the City to allow the public to submit updates, amendments, or other revisions to the Comprehensive Plan and associated zoning regulations once per year. This “docketing” process identifies the changes to the Comprehensive Plan that the Planning Commission and City Council will consider as part of their Work Plans the following year. Review of docket materials by the Planning Commission and City Council will take place during the fall, and those proposals selected for full consideration will be subject to a full legislative process the following year. 

The City of Sammamish accepts applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments, including property rezone proposals, during the months of August and September each year for consideration for placement on the following year's docket. In nearly all cases, a rezone of a property will require a Comprehensive Plan amendment. The City is not currently accepting Comprehensive Plan amendment applications.

Please contact David Goodman at or 425-295-0534 with any questions.

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