Docket Request 1

Comprehensive Plan Site-Specific Land Use Map Amendment

Applicant:   City of Sammamish
Site:   Parcel number 342506-9017
Proposal Summary:   The City proposes changing the future land use of the 21.5 acre City-owned property from Residential-1 (R-1) to Community Business (CB).
Why the Change is Needed:  

The proposed change can help address traffic issues. It also aligns well with regional planning documents that encourage “higher density around transit” and could allow the City to serve a public interest by increasing the potential of this site. Additionally, the proposed change, along with the associated rezone, would correct an existing inconsistency between the City’s adopted Future Land Use Map (where the property is listed as R-1) and the current Zoning Map (where the property is listed as R-6 Interim).

About the Site:  

The site is in an urbanized area of the City on 228th Ave NE just outside of the City’s Town Center boundary. Located on a principal arterial and along existing transit routes, the site is developed with an approximately 30,800 square foot building and associated parking. Adjacent uses include a mix of undeveloped parcels, residential, and educational. A commercial shopping center and civic uses are within close proximity. The site is generally flat and immediately adjacent to wetlands associated with the George Davis Creek.

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