Docket Request 3

Sammamish Municipal Code Development Regulation Text Amendment

Applicant:   Mary Wictor
Proposed Changes:   The applicant proposes amendments and new regulations for geologically hazardous areas to ensure adequate protections in steep slopes areas to reduce risk and add resilience.

This would include modifications to Titles 13, 16, 19,  as well as Chapters 21A.15, 21A.35, 21A.37, and 21A.50 of the Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC) as well as 21A.80.030 SMC.

Why the Change is Needed:  

Landslide hazard areas are riskier than erosion-type hazard areas. Even the existing erosion-type code, unique to Sammamish, has proven over time to be insufficient with continuing problems especially in plats built before 1977.

Similar to the Shoreline Management Act & Shoreline Master Plan it is key to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts and apply mitigation sequencing.

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