Sammamish Town Center Blocks 5-7 (BSP2019-00564)


The Sammamish Town Center Commercial Blocks (5-7) is part of the overall core mixed use area of the Town Center A1 zone.  Please refer to the UZDP2019-00562 application for more information regarding the design of the mixed use areas associated with this application.

UZDP Map.png


A Binding Site Plan, is an alternative to the subdivision process of land division and ensures that multiple lots function as one site with respect to features like lot access, interior circulation, open space, landscaping, drainage facilities, facility maintenance, parking, and more. Binding site plans can only be used to divide property for the purpose of sale, lease, or transfer of ownership of commercial zoned property. 




Date Description Status
November 4, 2019 Application Materials Submitted Application under review for completeness
  Completeness Check  
  Notice of Application and Open House  
  Open House  
  Application Review  
  Notice of Recommendation, SEPA Threshold Determination, and Public Hearing   
  Public Hearing  
  Notice of Hearing Examiners Decision  
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