Sammamish Town Center Brownstones West (PSUB2019-00561)


The Sammamish Town Center Brownstones West project is in the southwest quadrant of the City of Sammamish’s Town Center Sub-Area. Consistent with the vision of the City’s Town Center Plan to create a greater variety of housing choices within the City, the applicant is proposing to create 10 single-family detached units and 56 multi-family (townhome) lots on property zoned TC-B and TC-C south of S.E. 4th Street and north of the Lower Sammamish Commons, along with a network of roads, pedestrian trails and open space. The townhomes will create a suitable transition to the higher density mixed-use community proposed for the TC-A1 zone to the east. 

Town Center Development Map_7 - Subdivision.jpg



A preliminary subdivision is a division of land into ten or more lots, tracts or parcels for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership and is subject to a recommendation from the Director of Community Development to the Hearing Examiner. Preliminary decisions require a public hearing and a Hearing Examiner’s decision supported by written findings based on compliance with the Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC).


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review status

Date Description Status
November 4, 2019 Application Materials Submitted Staff Review Complete
November 27, 2019  Completeness Review Letter of Completion 
December 2 - 23, 2019 Notice of Application / SEPA Notification Public Comment Form 
  Application Review Under Review 
  Notice of Recommendation, SEPA Threshold, and Public Hearing  
  Public Hearing  
  Notice of Hearing Examiners Decision  


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